Monday, March 15, 2010

i realised today that i've grown to really overlook Johnny Depp.
upon watching Dead Man for the first time, i realize that one (and only one) of the reasons he has made as big an impact as he has is because he has played some very amazing roles.

he has filled the shoes of Ed Wood and Hunter S. Thompson and has done great work performing for the casual moviegoer (with plenty of shit, but also [and more notably]) with characters like Edward Scissorhands and ("spend too much time looking for the right words") etc.

Jim Jarmusch has such an amazing mind and it'd be a cold world without his films.
a movie is made up of sound, pictures and narrative. filmmakers are artists/their canvas consisting of a roll of film.

without the right vision, we'd just as well be watching rubber ducks in a plastic swimming pool.

i had much more to write, but it's late, and i'm tired of sitting here.

great films of note:

Mystery Train, Down by Law, Ghost Dog, The Limits of Control, Night on Earth.
i've yet to watch Stranger Than Paradise.

also: Ed Wood, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.