Wednesday, March 24, 2010

food for thought

i went to see ODDSAC. it was alright. i felt really starstruck when the Q&A portion began after the film, i wasn't expecting any discourse between the band and the audience. Deakin, Geologist, Avey Tare and Danny Perez were all up there taking questions from the mass of neo-hippies about the film, books, junk food and related questions. i wanted to photograph their feet but it was requested to put away cameras, so i felt stupid.

i'm listening to Downtown 81, the soundtrack to a film about underground music in New York in 1980 and 1981. i donno, i haven't seen it yet. the music is great though, if you're into "angular guitars" and all that "post-punk" jumba-wumba. it's cool, beat-centric and kind of funny.

you ever wonder what other people (really random people you never see twice) are thinking. it's really interesting to listen to what other people have to say just to catch a glimpse of another view of the world/ a step towards understanding that no two beings view the same world the same way . . . . .

Kim Fowley is a man of experience. he has been through stuff. he's a hard worker and he does not fuck around with hippies. this man doesn't do the things he does for the money. i don't understand half the shit going on in this interview with Kim Fowley (just the gist of it all). i honestly never even heard the name Kim Fowley before i stumbled (as literally as possible) upon this interview. Check-check-check it--> KIM FOWLEY: STUPIDITY IS AN ART FORM (from

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