Saturday, March 13, 2010

"....expressing the inexpressible"

(these few words do not do these records justice. but they are all choice albums. four-five stars apiece.) i took time to review these records right quick cos when i spend too much time writing, i begin thinking i suck:

1 Blonde Redhead's e.p. "Melodie Citronique" has got songs in french i think. i'm really terrible at distinguishing tongues. anywho, it's good. a precursor to the next record cos it's got katzen's favourite track In Particular sung in french (or something.
2 Melt Banana put out a six inch record aptly titled "666" back in 2002. it's much more stripped down, i think, than the stuff on charlie, but it is undoubtedly Melt-Banana. they are harder than god.
3 The Avalanches culled from some thousand records to sample from and the end result is a magnificent head bobbing ocean of yeeeeeaaaahhh..
4 Das EFX have got an album called Dead Serious. i don't know much about this record except that i haven't responded this well to hip hop since i first heard Low End Theory. funny, cos dave chappelle brought 'em up the other day....
5 Pink Floyd's Meddle is a fucking classic.
6 Scott Walker's best effort from his first three solo works is Scott 2. it's weird and highly orchestral, very dramatic, very REAL. (scratch the "REAL" part, i was fuckiing around)
7.Black Vomit put out a record last year called Jungle Death and it's impressive along the lines of, idonno, something heavy, like Bone Awl minus the d-beat.
8. i fucking love Melt-Banana's "Charlie." i'm so grateful they exist. this world would be ugly without it. it belongs here with us on planet Earth.
9. Meat Puppets put out this seven inch entitled "In A Car" in 1981and it's their punkest stuff, i'm sure. normally i think all those early eighties punk bands sound alike, but considering they are the meat puppets, i could cope with their typicality. just this once.
10 + 11 go to Wire's first two records, "Pink Flag" and "Chairs Missing." pink flag is already a fucking classic, and i'm really taking a liking to Chairs Missing. i wonder what happened afterwards, though....
12. Systematic Death are a group of some sub-genre of punk (cos after punk died, like, a year after its birth, they started stapling branches to the dying tree) from japan. they are fast and loud and they employ effects in their vocals (just for one song, though, i think. i don't recall anymore). i dig it. (talking about the step e.p. that don gon come out a long time away)
13 Middle Class are (probably) the first american hardcore group cos this ("Out of Vogue") is way back in 1978 and i think i read that someplace. like the adolescents' first record, quick and to the point. it's only a seven inch, but my, what great scott.
14 Pantha Du Prince is light tempo electronic music; recalls easy-listening richard d james and animal collective's vocal loops. the record's called "black noise," but it's hardly got any. that's okay, though.
15 Sonic Youth, Washing Machine: guitar banging jams in hiding, very melodious. mellow gold by track six.
16, 17 + 18 Blonde Redhead's La Mia Vita Violenta (1995) is perhaps as dischordant as their debut, but i like this one much more somehow. Fake Can be just as good + In an Expression of the inexpressible are both also very good, although they do all sound quite similar. further probing will clear up this issue.
19 Acid Mother's Temple's La Novia is a meditative jam complete with vocal intonations and rigid guitar noise
20 echo & the bunnymen's heaven up here is one of my fffavourite reckords.
21 Los Angeles by Flying Lotus makes me rock back and forth like a mentally decrepit individual. bass-y as fuck.
22 talking heads' Stop Making Sense makes perfect sense to me because it is by far at least as good as The Name of This Band is Talking Heads (the record version, without all the bonus tracks that come in the Rhino double disc version)
23 - 26 Pink Floyd's wish you were here? c'mon now.
pixies' surfer rosa? the name of this band is talking headss? dooliittle? you kidding me? (these records are fucking great, no?)

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