Sunday, January 3, 2010

ever since i splurged on a bunch of records and vhs movies at Amoeba Music, i've become obsessed with buying records and video cassettes.

there's a video store called Excalibur Video (between Venice + Washington on Western) and they used to have a grand selection of vhs films and a giant sword was their neon sign, but they've sinced done away with the giant sword and the store's been reduced to a thin hallway of dvds. but they've still a shit load of video cassettes that they're selling. i mean they've got a lot. it'd be a shame to let those movies go without a good home. my good home.

The New Beverly Cinema will be screening Antichrist, and it looks fucking brutal and it isn't screening anywhere anymore. it's going to be a double feature b/w Hour of the Wolf, a sixties horror movie. idonno about that one....

The New Beverly Cinema.
january 6, 7 + 8. that's this coming Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Antichrist (2009) 7:30/ Hour of the Wolf (1968) 9:35


gata said...

b/w?but without? but with? butt width?

pumpkinhead said...

"backed with"; like 7" singles.