Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 record review, #1

Vampire Weekend - Contra . . . . RATING: *

yeah, this group's hated on a bit, but i still liked their first record. i've got it on vinyl. and i'm not gonna sell-it-back-cos-i-realise-i-don't-like-it-after-all any time soon (i hope), like that Kings of Leon record (white vinyl won't make the music any less shit) i sold back some time ago. or the last Franz Ferdinand release (they stopped being awesome after the first record).

i guess the hype sucked off Vampire Weekend dry; or maybe they are trying too hard to be cool? unless they aren't trying hard enough. then again, they could simply be trying just as hard as before except this time their songs weren't good.

so yeah, the debut album was good. this one, "Contra," isn't great. it's franz ferdinand all over again. bummer, man. CONTRA, the nes game, on the other hand, kicks ass....

i hate that there's an "old" animal collective now. is there anybody else in here who feels the way i do? "Merriweather Post Pavilion" grew on me, i admit, but the e.p. that followed was lame. "Sung Tongs" was great though, and "Spirit...." was good, too.

"Danse Manatee" goes hand in hand with Man is the Bastard's noisy latter-life. tsk tsk, Animal Collective; y'knowthey haven't been the same since they moved to Domino, know what i'm saying?

great waves of vast red sea, i control my very mobilized brain pattern by fueling my blood and muscles with sticky, green pot.

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