Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i haven't got many raging nightmares in mind right now, but i will keep you, loyal reader, posted. why do i bother writing notes (and dating them) everywhere when i barely ever go back and read them over. i'm a fucking [il]logic dispenser, stuck on a wall with thick droopy bubble gum outside a really large and looming building.

or, i'm just a little "creative" right now because i smoked a pair of skimpy blunts to the Bernie Mac Show.

i want to review more movies or records, but i want to rate recent material. like this year recent. i mean, i guess i could just rate some vhs movies. i really don't know why i bother wondering the "whether or not's" of situations at all. i mean, i usually end up doing them anyway.

Here's a good rule to remember, kids/
always stick to plan a.
even if it sounds like
the wrong plan. through experience,

i've learned that plan b
is most usually much worse
than whatever
plan a may
be. i mean, in hindsight
that's probably the reason it's
plan b at all, right?

directed by DAVID LYNCH running time 179 MINUTES
the surreal adventure of an actress in an ill-fated movie project.
like a bad dream that's got a hold on your leg and is dragging you through a long and winding gravel hallway to a most certainly painful and emotionally scarring death.
on a more elusive note/John Carpenter is a famous movie director who made his own music for a few of his early films, like in the 80s. the music, i remember, sucked the fur off a donkey's balls, smothered in nacho cheese, then maybe sprinkled with cottage cheese and parmesan. the music in this film, on the other hand, skips (in the jolliest fashion) hand in hand with the strong images and shaky "art house film"-status camera handling. this Lynch guy really cooked up a mean score.

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