Thursday, December 31, 2009

so long good year.....

this year i worked then quit two jobs.
i cannot remember many more significant events that have taken place this year. but lucky for me nobody reads this often enough to take notice.
nevertheless, there will never be another year like this again. let alone another decade. this decade has been long and fruitful and fruitless and fruity.

i don't know what more to tell you.

i am prepared for my trip to tijuana. i need headphones, though/but surely the thought of having new music instilled into my minidisc player will satisfy me enough. also, i'm taking a bukowski book, but i've no reading light. surely the mere thought of having the book nearby is enough to satisfy my literary taste. i'm trying to make the best of my last day in this decade.

oh, i wanted to mention, too, that this is the last entry of the decade. but then that is pretty obvious. really, i think i just really want to type a lot cos i like the sound of punching several keys sequencially into the keyboard.

i've always really liked that sound. i also love records. and walking around nude after a warm shower.

i find it amazing that i've made so many friends this decade. oh, reminiscing feels really nice. for anybody with weed, think of me when you smoke tonight. i will surely think of you all. i love everyone who i've spoken to with sincere kindness. i guess only i could possibly know who that might be reffering to, but longing is for the long goodbyes and i'm not fond of goodbyes. i mean, i don't hate them or anything, i just think they can be awkward and, quite frankly, very stupid. i mean, i like to say things like "see you later" and the like cos it sorta relies on the fact that i will more than likely see you again and (possibly) not make a big show about it.

anyways, happy new year. away we go.

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