Monday, December 28, 2009

this entry is about me. i guess every entry in this web page is about me, only this time i'm conscious of the fact. yes, i have issues with self-consciousness that creep up time and again; but not always i think. perhaps. ??

"cell phones are killing bees," i tell the people. they don't care. those that do care already know.

i have been spending time watching Tim & Eric's Awesome Show season one cos i've misplaced season two. i've also lent out The Life Aquatic and Dead Alive and now i don't know where they are.

i quit my job at Victoria's Secret. i guess it was hell. i did sort of blow up a bit. totally lost myself for a couple of hours. only now i need a job. i think i will go back to that old movie theater job i had. i can't remember how bad it was anymore.

my. life. me. me. mine.

i've got to pay for some records. i want to invest in a laptop and a drumset. i might work on a list of new year resolutions that includes (and may be limited to): saving all 2010 receipts in a notebook or two; probably two, cos the notebook'll probably fill up fast.

i can think up more things to type, but i've been sitting here for too long.

think about your self....

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