Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two-Thousand and Nine Films

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i was stoned when i wrote this:
i've read three or four "best films of the year" and "--of the decade" lists by now. and not by choice. it's only fair that i get to make my own list, i thought. but then i realised i had to have watched these films in theaters cos otherwise it sorta beats the purpose. i mean, this isn't a "best rentals of the year" list, i don't think.

anyway, it just occured to me that it'd be a good idea to make a "best vhs movies i've purchased this year" list. might make for a more expansive inventory.

three popular directors collaborated on a three part portrait of the colourful city of Tokyo. the first part was cool. the second part was a bit long; it was silly, yes, but too riddled with social commentary to be interesting to somebody who is stoned (and who is me.)

a member of MS-13 wants to get away from gang life cos it's fucked up, so he winds up on a train heading to america, but it's not an easy escape. also, he makes it his duty to protect a girl he meets. a great dramtic, beautifully shot story en español.

no limits no control

so the brothers bloom isn't a completely groundbreaking roll of film; the twists, the jokes, the drama, it's been done lots of times. but i really liked Brick and it's written/directed by the same fucker and so i took a date and it was fun and that was that.

a couple struggles to find a home for their unborn baby. sounds real lame, but 'twas sweet.

that big dramatic movie of the year? this was it for me. i mean, i saw Che this year, but apparently it was realeased last year and so i cannot count that one. i also watched The Reader this year, but again, it's a 2008 film. but this movie was really good, and the most recent black and white film i've seen.

you must already know this movie makes for real good sci-fi.

i think this list is finished. how embarrassing, i think i should have seen more movies with the money i used to buy pot. look, here are.....
films i should've watched this year:
donkey punch
knowing (nick cage is a character)
little ashes
drag me to hell
whatever works
dead snow
in the loop
the collector
cold souls
inglourious basterds
i sell the dead
big fan
the informant!
paranormal activity
a serious man
where the wild things are
black dynamite
fantastic mr. fox
broken embraces
the road

damn, that's a lot of fucking movies. wonder if i'll get a chance to play catch-up. movies i'm curious as to why i didn't hear about include splice and bronson. both of these sound very promising. for a while, i was excited about terry gilliam's next movie. but i've just recalled how he hasn't really matched 12 monkeys or brazil recently. didn't he direct that Brothers Grimm flick? how did that turn out?

y'know, i get the feeling i'm missing a lot of movies. maybe not a lot, i guess, but a few anyway.
ahh-- fucket.

this movie round-up looked a lot neater in my mind two nights ago . . . .

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