Friday, November 6, 2009

you're already dead

life is just easier to handle when you have money. curse this society i'm stuck in.
i will still spit upon your "normal" tendencies. your judgments are for the birds.
marijuana is my eucharist. music + film are my church. television is my bible (i don't live by it, but it makes for a good time killer) . . . .

i love being nice to people/i don't keep in touch with many people, and i fail to comprehend why.

i suspect it is a lack of money and transportation. it may be more or it may be something entirely different, but these are my (me mine) suspicions.

i want to delete all of the posts made as of yet/

it's writing that gets my mind juices flowing, what keeps me from staying in my head. the shitty thing about writing is i lose track of where i'm writing what and what i'm writing where. i must have four or five moleskines lying around my humble abode.

as of late, 'been watching Xavier: Renegade Angel, 12 Oz. Mouse, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; been listening to Yma Sumac, Black Uhuru, Butthole Surfers.

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