Thursday, September 3, 2009

bradbury is from mars

so many fucking people in this world, i find it hard to imagine sometimes. everybody is so tiny, yet i've only just recently realised how much more populated this city is and how shitty most of the people i see are.

also, i've come to realise i'm very hyper and i would love to practice drumming on an actual set. i'd have half a set if my sister hadn't thrown it away without a warning. i'm not concerned with money. although i'm concerned with the fact that one cannot eat or sleep anywhere comfortably or get a hold of vinyl records or tapes or cds without that shit.

i'd have posted the sultans of swing, but some people think it better to give others a hard time due to "property rights."

property rights are retarded/it's not graffiti that's wrong/it's mostly just the people doing it. too much graffiti is scribbles. not even doodles that look like something. just scribbles for other "writers" to decipher. idonno, don't try resoning with me....

i took too long looking at an omar souleyman video and i've lost my train of thought.

is anybody reading this? may i print you a t-shirt for your attentions?

i wonder if i should proofread before posting this....

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