Tuesday, April 28, 2009

inspired by stars....

so being sober isn't so bad. i've been keeping this up unintentionally for about a day and a half or something insignificantly more/i'm feeling grade-school kooky, know whut i mean?

oh man, so i got my strokes record with the sexy cover in the mail. this makes me one happy panda. i don't know what hasn't already been said about the strokes so i'll just go ahead and skip to the next paragraph cos i really just had this on my mind just now and now that i've let it out i feel like a table cloth.

i also received in the mail this vinyl comp called In the Loop Vol. 4. my main reason for ordering this is called Chocolate Girl and it is a song by Animal Collective that i fucking dream about. surprisingly, a devendra banhart track is on the flipside and the rest of the stuff is really rather good except for one song, but i don't remember...wait. i think it might be dirty projectors that i dissapprove of. idonno, but the comp is deemed very worth my cash by i. you should definitely not take my word for it though and just fucking buy it cos your gonna spend your money on food anyway and i'm a firm believer in that music is the most fulfilling food ever.....not to mention spending yer money on a record and eating at home is far more sanitary anyway.

the green beret shit i ordered whut seems like decades ago has just recently been shipped out, but i'll be sure to share this with whoever the fuck reads this and you will probably be blown away, unless of course you've already heard it. which is likely cos the internet allows things to go all over the world and everybody has access to it and something else really complicated...fucking, no wonder nobody fucking reads this. this is me ranting isn't it. it's me talking out my ass and nobody likes to read people talking out their asses unless it's gossipy or about barack obama.

hey! d'ya hear about that swine plague? it's about time america gets a plague of it's own....maybe we'll become a forgotten or ignored third world country someday.... iwonder if i should proofread this or something....

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