Thursday, June 18, 2009

internet is only good for music.

everything in this world is free. only some people deem themselves worthy of putting a price on everything. collectively, these people make up the essence of THE MAN. i refuse to cower before THE MAN. instead, i'd much rather sneak up behind him and pull down his trousers so that everyone may laugh and realize he is not worth the consideration.

. . . oh, but then there are the hundreds of thousands of millions of people who are mean and jerks and douchebags and think that wearing a suit and buying expensive cars and wearing shitloads of expensive jewelry and putting on make up is "normal" . . .

damn, those people are worst than THE MAN.

none of these things, despite being very prominent in my head, really matter; and bitching and/or worrying about them isn't worth my brainpower.

music is love. and i love music. here is a new web log i found that has loving music posted with love and a lack of care about all the shit i mentioned in this entry.

i just read an article about the buzzcocks on wikipedia. here look:

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