Tuesday, March 17, 2009

anuther one rides the bus

in los angeles, paper day passes are apparently yesterday's business. these five dollar transit slugs are now equipped to usher in the future.... the bus operators are now to hand over these futuristic "tap" cards for the usual five-dollar toll/

these "tap" cards are to to be "tapped" onto the money eating box for bus-riding purposes. it's so weird how "the future is now," innit? i mean, it's like....people thought we'd be soaring in hover cars by 1999, and lookit us in 2009 with global warming and a recession and a black president and big brother watching over us; and the man smirking silently at the fact that so many tools are at his command.....

and we have to put up with scenester/hipster fuckers looking stupid and sucking each other's dicks for social status.
this world upsets me....

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dicko said...

Hong Kong has been having the "tap" card forever. America is late.

hipsters scenesters sicken me