Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so with my brand new job (well, not brand spanking new, but not exactly worn in yet), i get to buy records on the internets as well as in the real world/also, i got netflix, so now i've got stuff to get all giddy about. sure, pretty much every good record and/or film's been "blogged" about, but fuckit.

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars: The Movie<--click me fer purchase/
fucking fantastic. the label for this dvd ain't kidding when it sez "a must for every bowie fan" even though that sounds like the blandest phrase to sell something. it truly is a great show to watch if you've never seen a live bowie video (which is incredibly amazing considering everyone's all up on that youtube). it's a classic rock 'n' roll video with an awesome shredding guitar, grainy lookin' camera work, a curiously costumed david bowie, and a great array of great songs (not necessarily from the ziggy stardust album).

Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand<--click me fer purchase/
there are a lot of albums vaguely similar to the music by franz ferdinand, but nothing really compares. lucky me, i missed all the hype this band supposedly had. nothing could cloud or misconstrue anything this album presented to me. all i had was this 'sup magazine article lying around my room. i had read it before, but it didn't strike me as anything particularly arousing cos i hadn't heard the music. it was only a matter of time....their second album wasn't in my opinion as good as this one, but it was good/ i had it for a while (i sold it back to amoeba along with the aha shake heartbreak....the worst mistake of my life, i kinda wish i had 'em both now...). i have yet to listen to their latest effort.

on a side note, this was when they dressed as regular indie folks, before they struck a nasty case of "the strokes."

(to be continued....)

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