Monday, July 28, 2008

Sounds sexy i

snapping turtles on the western front, i just compiled a muxtape for my morning. i'm tired and my head's got a pulse going. my eyes feel better when they're closed. i'm still in a heavy state of cannabis . . . er, influence . . . . uhh, i'm still stoned. a little.
sweet, so i made this playlist all with the quickness. these are the songs playing in my head as i aimlessly cruise through the day. this day anyway.

1 Avey Tare & Panda Bear - April And The Phantom
i fucking love animal collective. i don't think there's a single band out there that does whut these guys do. the way they do. they're so fucking weird. this is the music that scares away yer parents. so fucking good though. i don't wanna talk about 'em anymore. this is off the first record, before the title animal collective wuz apprehended.

2 Elton John - Bennie And The Jets
yeah, gotta admit i fell in love with the (gay) guy during that one part in almost famous when they're on that bus and everyone's bummed out cos that one guy had a good time and everybody else is jealous and they all sing tiny dancer. that was fucking sweet man. this is a good song too.

3 David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
i fucking love bowie, man. he's a fucking schizo man. he's got like 3 voices. there's that space oddity song where he sings like a girl. then there's 70s era bowie where he sounds like a little boy. then there's eighties bowie where he's got that mega deep voice, you know? fuckin' wierdo, man . . . .

4 of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
keeping in mind that of montreal has evolved from songs with sweet stories about people with feelings like in the gay parade, to this funky bass ridden song about, uh . . . it's got that line in there saying something like the church being filled with losers. i like that. i don't like church. and party people dancing. i like dancing. i'm not sure if i like party people though, i think i'd get fed up.

5 Pink Floyd - San Tropez
ooh, this song gets me mellow, man. like i can just relax and everything's gonna be okay and if it's not, well fuckit/ain't nuthin going to ruin these couple of minutes. you ever feel like that? like you're listening to a song and all you think about is blue skies and no people and something refreshing to drink? no? you probably suck then.

6 Talking Heads - First Week Last Week... Carefree
fuck man, if you're one of those people's who've never in yer life heard music by this band, you've got to pick up their double disc live LP, man. it's like eight bucks at amoeba. this shit get's me movin man. like i can clean my room with the quickness, you know? also james brown. pick him up too, now that yer there . . .

7 M.I.A. - Paper Planes

cos it reminds me of that pineapple express trailer. i've only seen it once. i don't wanna milk it, you know? but damn/i'm flippin excited. as surely several stoners are. seriously. it's the stoner movie i've always wanted. at least i hope it is, anyway.
. . . . my hope is very high.


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