Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Japanese title

ooh-no! they say he's got to go! go-go-godzilla!the other night i ran into this page that had info on some wierd ass manga (that's japanese for "comic book read backwards, kinda, sometimes") artist named Suehiro Maruo. apparently he's real popular. i know i'd seen this one piece somewhere before. fucken surrealist shit. and i like surrealist shit. makes me wanna take a closer look, you know?

after checking out a few more pieces at this one gallery fer a bit i got to thinking about other great japanese achievements . . . .

if you haven't seen the flick or read the manga, you should probably git to it. i mean, it's interesting and gives you stuff to think about, i think . . . . well, i guess it doesn't, but it's a good picture. only idunno if i recommend you watching it faded or anything cos it's kinda lengthy when yer high, but it's great to watch sober so you could follow the story line. and it's evidence that the flick can be as good as the book.
only soon, hollywood's gonna ruin a brilliant story by making it live action. and when it's a live action movie in these sad, sad times, it's gonna have cgi. and everybody knows that the only evidence of good cgi work out there is jurassic park/which was an act of the devil . . . . just wait till they start selling akira t-shirts at hot-topic . . . .
anyway, fuck. i'll bitch about it when it gets here.

paprika looks like another awesome anime too, but i've only seen clips. and i was drunk.

Battle Royale
awesome japanese family film in which a bunch of high school(?) kids are sent to some island to kill each other off until only one kid remains. cos in the future apparently old people git tired of these hoodlums and wanna exterminate them for the sake of society

My Neighbor Totoro
i saw it as a kid. then a few weeks back i rented it fer the sake of nostalgia.
i mean he's fuckin' adorable/man, lookit 'im.

GISM, Jellyroll Rockheads, Hashdum, Flash Gordon . . . .
shityeah, fucken guitar wolf, gauze/them japs kin fuckin shred, man. kinda inspires me to make a hip japanese hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence/whut-have-you playlist, only i'm not worthy enuff. *sigh*

i can't help but feel like i'm missing something or someone that belongs here in this japanese hall of fame. i guess maybe dragon*ball or hello kitty, idunno i can't think of anything else off the bat.

i think i've been on this shit fer too long already.

edit: cowboy bebop. that's whut i wuz forgetting. ahh.

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