Monday, July 28, 2008

Movie review

whut the fuck's a blog, that's a stupid word.
just got back from falling asleep after watching smiley face. it was alright. i saw it a little stoned. not really stoned. i mean, i smoked a bowl of shake out of a corn cob pipe (it's a big bowl, man) before going to the video store, after which we (i wuz accompanied the whole time) ate a lot of cereal. then we sat down and watch the movie. so i wasn't too stoned, but i was a little. enough to be lying if i said i wasn't stoned, you know?

anyway, i was amused and i gotta say this is the sanest pothead movie i've seen ever. it's up there with the life aquatic and . . . . uh . . don't be a menace (?!) i guess. i can't think man, my head hurts.

yeah, i fucking hate a lot of "pothead" flicks (ooh! half baked. that's a good one too). shit like jay and silent bob (clerks was cool, but they just had to milk it . . . . ), and those whitecastle fuckers/all fuckin american pie/van wilder status. no man, that shit won't fly with me.

and has anybody seen evil bong? yeah, it sounds like a potentially humorous flick if yer into stupid shit, but it's ultra-shit. don't see it. it stinks. like dog shit shake with milk that's been sitting in the sun for a few days and leftover papaya shake from the other day (it's all moldy) blended together and poured into a used vomit bag. yeah, smell that/that's the smell of evil bong man, it fucking stanks.

yeah, but smiley face doesn't smell like that. watch, go out/steal yerself a fucking corn cob pipe and pack the best bud you've got and trip on this movie a little. it's got that one guy from television.

you watch too much goddamn television.

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