Tuesday, November 16, 2010


so paintings are so totally out. like those old coca cola ads or those old spice ads, the ones seemingly drawn by those pin-up artists on their free time? yeah, they are the way of the dinosaur.

nowadays, napkins and math notes are where it's at. i'm talking about doodles, man. you know the ones.
you walk into an independent movie theatre at the mall. what kinda drawings will you find on their giftcards? doodles.
or a starbucks, y'all be prone to that iced white mocha shit, right? look around some day and you'll find you're encompassed in a doodly world.

well, look no furthur company execs and hip young crowds, for the site Doodlers Anonymous will fix you right up with some anti-quality quality pieces of work.

otherwise, see if you can find a pin-up artist to draw you an ad for your bland new website. good luck with that, bro-seph.

[speaking of which, Jana Traboulsi has a blog with all her doodles, including (probably) the one hovering over this bunch of words you aren't reading]

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