Thursday, November 18, 2010


it seems 2011 is already a great year

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. will be kicking off their nationwide United States (though hardly united, pff) tour here in the Los of Angeles. no telling what can be expected; and isn't it always better that way? being unable to discern any expectations? yes, i tell you.
tickets are $13.75; at least until scalpers make their unforgiving move to anally rape snoozing fans' wallets.
git yer tickets here

ALSO, MELVINS seem to be horny for Los Angeles too, as it's been announced (from Mt. Sinai as read off a stone tablet scrawled with lightning from beyond the heavens somewhere) that they will perform once per friday throughout the month of january. if that doesn't sound utterly erotic, then i don't know what is wrong with the current state of culture.
see here for flyers

changing the subject, now, towards something far more lighthearted news: there's a website you probably haven't visited yet called, and it's where you ought to be right now.
so go.

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