Wednesday, October 6, 2010

observations of the day

"whoah, suppose something goes wrong?"
why do i often feel like i'm being watched ... ..?
when i'm the one doing the watching?
does it come with being anti-social?

people with cell phones
bother me nearly as much as people listening to top for radio (or the recent surge of shitty techno-hop which is "hip" by definition right now)

my world gets bigger
only as i step outside its basic perimeter 

yes i see you pan
but i've no real pride or fight

but then i have stood there before
and you know, i did have my Pride and Fight
And shit, man, i've still got my teeth. 

i'm doing the watching for my own mind.
i've the choice to point the lens any which way i can.

My expressions/i dare myself to make them poignant. Regardless of the thought's length, i'm not to spit a breath from my mouth until a coherent well structured statement is created.
will i remember? (i love to doubt myself)---> uhp that came out without a thought.  (i'm a spontaneous man)

But then writing is a much more refined route from the mind, than speaking or even humming.
or do the same principles apply?
perhaps because writing is not necessarily shared, while anyone speaking aloud is already threatening his privacy though man's neighbor's notorious curiosity and ever-attentive nature. should a neighborly human be near enough to listen, and his ears will inevitably pry open a safe of unimaginable .. .. ... .. .. penance.*

*(i lack words in my vocabulary.)

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