Thursday, September 30, 2010

burds vurbs and wurds.

i'm mesmerized right now/
i'm also stoned and i've no way to conceal this.
i've been expecting an e-mail of thorough notations and all i got was a measly grocery list.
i'm in another state. i don't mean california-wise of course.

i hate to see people looking into a cell phone screen intently. it pisses me off.
you'd think they were praying to a techno-pological being  by interacting with a machine.

yet here i sit, interacting with a machine.

i'm a hypocrite despite any realizations i make as to any sort of regret or repentance or any other grievance for that matter.

dang, i got stuck on a word. i got distracted. concerned. in limbo/

and xavier rolls over and over again on the big screen inside my head.

i wish i had my headphones this second.

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