Wednesday, July 21, 2010

looking back--

Bastard Noise & Plutocracy at the Blvd was phenomenal. apparently, i caught a band called Progeria play their last show with their male growler. grind as sweet as chalk dust. they even had a secret hand at their disposal; a girl from the crowd ripped her chords out to this band's unsuspecting audience.

yes, the venue was a smelly sauna. the "no in 'n' out policy" was whack considering the teeny space they provided for breathing outside was hardly enough to stand in.

but blazing was hardly out of the equation (if you succeeded in getting it by the homies watching the door), the vendors were cool (enough to spare rolling papers), and .. .. mm, there's .. .. pictures on the walls (to stare at between sets).

find good pictures of the show here/

this is the second time i hit up this venue for a crazy hellous show (the first, Captain Cleanoff) starved out my mind only to sweat like a hot ham in july.

anyway, the show went a lot like this:


... i found some notes i took on Plutocracy after their set was over.

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Anonymous said...

Much thanks for the link to the photos up there kid...and for coming out and supporting the real Doomryderz and the West Bay Coalition! ~ Lord Ballsakk aka One Slyce check out the blog