Thursday, July 22, 2010

"ahh, the headache that is society--"

"yer so dramatic."

i once did a stint at a food 4 less. i'd go out in the sun and bring in shopping carts from the lot. i'd work up a real nasty sweat, then i'd go inside the air-conditioned store (dripping sweat, remember?) and do "go-backs" to the sounds of a green day song or another one of the 12 other shit tracks they'd always play. i quit in about a week and a half.

i've worked at the gas station at the end of the block from my house. graveyard shift and everything. i'd hang out in the refrigerator always stocking. i'd get carried away with organizing the drinks and shit. after about a month i stopped going. the guy said he needed to give work the other mexicans working there, but that he'd give me a call. whatever, man. i'm doing school at the time....

i worked at a movie theater. a "high-end," "independent" movie theater joint in a mall somewhere. they have assigned seating, so i'd be one of the people who'd take yer ticket and go, "i'll take you to your seats, sirs or ladies." or i'd stand at a pole taking tickets for several hours. after some time, i started working concessions. it was good. a learning experience. there was a manager there a year younger than i who pressed that he was of much importance and that i should fear him. he'd get on my nerves. eventually, i resigned from there. i made sure to get well on this guy's nerves before i left. i lasted about three months there.

i worked at a victoria's secret during the last christmas season. it wasn't bad, i started on around thanksgiving(?). i mostly worked the register, but i'd also fold and hang panties and bras. i was supposed to convince the costumers to sign up for some credit card. i did a couple of times. i was getting better and better at folding thongs and faster at charging peoples. but for one reason or another i snapped and cursed out the manager for being an asshole and walked out in a hellish state i'd never known/ this was christmas eve.

they all had their pros. but their cons wreak havoc on my mind.

... .. .. .. .. .. .. --"you let things get to you too easily."

i wonder where i'll work next... ...

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