Tuesday, July 13, 2010

blow daddy--

that girl's alri-i-ight with meee.. yeay-eah/!

i've commenced a foray into beat-building after many a struggle to drum with stuff around the house and the lone snare drum/
soon i'll have built a tape/ X)

i've only recently boarded the "Lost" band wagon.
like with the Lord of the Rings series of films, i sort of just decided not to venture that direction, you know what i mean? like, it was the biggest thing in the world and i didn't give a fuck, so why would i ever give in? stupid... people/ into stupid.. shit.

but now that i feel a bit less hostile, i can appreciate this series of apparent senseless drama. i dig, brother.

it is surreal. watched it super faded. gripping. that thing behind the diner freaked me out. yeah, leaves you guessing/ what david lynch film doesn't?
* * * * * that's five stars, i'd watch it again.

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