Saturday, July 10, 2010

bemoaning one's time--

hot dogs and taco bell. records and tapes. cokes and chips and junk food in general.

anti-consumerism makes you a politician. politicians are all stifled assholes, full of shit.

opinionated people/ you're all judging the way people dress and think and act and you masturbate each other. some of you dare call yourselves communists.

i declare bullshit on everyone of you fucking hipsters and haters.
we are all shameful humans, no fucking body is exempt/ i don't care how many republican pussies you've fucked or how many liberal dicks you've sucked. we're all shitting in the same can.

we are all society and i hate every one of us.

i fart in each and every one of your fucking ice creams.

i breathe in each and every one of your god damn sneezes and sweat glory/

i am senseless, unwise, unreasonable/ i eat with a fork wiped meticulously clean by Tesla's napkin.

lick these hands, taste the bitter cancer of guileless anomaly/ to vomit the apple of the tree of knowledge.

assuredly, we're only to sink beneath the soft green grass after this long walk home.

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