Monday, June 28, 2010

nude on a bike--

fudge, i've been neglecting you. i've been playing the negative creep or whatever. cheer up, ol' chap.

yes i'm stuck at home, and this revelation occurs to me that i ought to hop on line. na dher e jjshgoes!

weed... weed..... bowie...low .... pssss.

writing makes the grisly pictures in my mind settle down.

they don't ever go away, but i don't want do away with them.

english language, surreal paintings, crazy wordings, clever intellectuals/

and i sit here sneezing mucus so it hangs out of my nostril and the cold creeps up the booger and i could feel my nose getting chilly, whilst the other nostril begins to leak slowly.

david bowie in my conciousness, i'vee gott itt tooo goood.

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