Wednesday, June 16, 2010

dirt frustration

back and forth cars and cars

i don't care, but i pretend to. no i don't. i like the sound, the loud bass bumping. the noise of a broken wire while the volume's turned up.

buzzing speakers, screeches, bass loud bass . . . .

the same grip of songs over and over. talk-singing about guns and strippers and i don't relate at all.

just back and forth and more cars

they all consist of the same basic parts. some want to apear flashier than others. i stil don't fucking care.

back and forth. their spanish might be gibberish to me one minute, but they look at me expecting a response.

i may raise my eyebrows or smile or look pensive. deep deep way deep inside my mind retreats my frustration;
because i'm here now and here i am. stuck going

back and forth seeing cars and cars

wires and cables noise and bass

where does the day go?

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