Thursday, December 2, 2010

so i'm bored--

--and i decide i want to read about one of my favourite authors, Ray Bradbury.
so i go over to wikipedia (some obscure encyclopedia written by a woman in a gray suit) and commence to read when i stumble upon a line that reads as follows:
Having been influenced by science fiction heroes like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Bradbury began to publish science fiction stories in fanzines in 1938.
Fanzines. the grandfather of zines. Zines. my dear and most favourable companions in high school. fan-fuckin-tastic. i love how he and i have something in common. had he been living in this day and age instead of a depression era, i might've bumped into him at a library and could've discussed with him collaborating on a zine together. beautiful.

thank you, miss lady in the gray suit. you've rocked my world once more with your infinite and ever-growing wisdom. your teeth must be like that of a great white, yer so wise.. .. ..