Wednesday, December 8, 2010

have you ever grown a tree?--

happy holidays all around

cos the holidays are about people totally ignoring all the bad stuff going on and all the important things and rearranging their lives so they can feel happier. this is typically assumed through getting high and giving other people money and drawing and gluing shit together for the giving to other people on some random day in december.. idonno, the twenty fourth or something, off the top of my head.

also, we celebrate the birthday of the people we love and give them hugs and don't let go until they get really mad and start yelling and trying to pry themselves away from your arms to injure you physically.

it is also a time of year to drink milk and egg and sugar and call it nogg and drop in some liquor and drizzle some on the floor beside you ("for all my dead homies, you know"). drinking and blazing and hanging red and green shit everywhere. breaking everything gold and silver cos those only represent lots of money and we want to totally dismiss that sort of mentality cos it's too damn cold for that shit.

happy holidays. all around

have you ever seen a STONER PARTY

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