Saturday, November 13, 2010

striking feature--

he comes across as a man with a problem
he lives freely and speaks with his heart
the innate is the reliable source of energy
from which his enormous powers of persuasion
become a granite rain drop
ten times its average size.

rippling terror steers the river towards inevitable peril
the voyagers pass in elegant robes with shrieking delight
at the form in which their shameless debauchery contains them
the dog tied to the tree scratches himself
and stares pitifully into the vacant house
with his bowl turned inside out
and collecting dust.

sizable trash guzzlers prowl the alleyways
for attention from the dirty, homeless cats
wrenching stomach pains pang across
his body towards the expression upon the face,
hot, bubbling fat from her body sizzling beneath him
still on fire.

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