Sunday, November 28, 2010

leslie was a friend of mine--

my childhood hero and Canadian, Leslie fucking Nielson, is dead. his legacy will forever carry on in the torch i carry for him. i vow to pass on his good fortune through the gifting of classic, groundbreaking films he has starred in. such as Mr. Magoo, Santa Who?, and the 1996 3-time Emmy nominated television smash, Harvey.

and it seems as though he's left us a nugget of a golden treasure in a completed 2010 production entitled Stonerville.

long live the king of rap/ i love you, Leslie Nielson.
here he is, in the pre-fame'd underground sensation that single-handedly shook the world of independent film-making: Mister Leslie mother fucking Nielson in Nude Weapon.

"Go into the light until we meet a gain .. .. .."

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