Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(you gotta watch the show to get the references?)

single-handedly owns all electronic records in a flash.

you wonder to yourself: "are they for reals? i mean, like, what the shit goes on in here/ these songs confuse me and i do not like them."

not me, though. i watch the show. i bought the first couple of seasons instead of paying for a debt to UCLA medical center (they're crazy if they think i'm going to pay them for a visit/ like those asshat coppers who have the nerve to ticket me for not having a bike light and expect me to pay 500 bucks when they can't even spell my name properly [you were reading it right there on my fucking i.d., doofus], let alone take the time to pronounce it.) fuck you, money ardent fucks/

no, no, this record doesn't stump me. i grew up on network television (the old one with the antennae ears you had to fiddle with to get any proper reception out of/ well it wasn't a total pain in the ass. i mean, it wasn't impossible. if anything, most of the time i didn't have to fiddle with the antennae so much. i guess it must've been a pretty good antennae, looking back now... ..). in addition to the electronic eccentricities, there are so many songs that teach you valuable life lessons (it's for the kids). so many long hard lessons to learn.

then there's THE SNUGGLER, snuggle you back to health.

oh, and the love songs. beautifyl.

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