Monday, August 9, 2010

i listened to Arcade Fire's The Suburbs faded and i typed a wondrously lengthy prose about it druing the sitting

i don't know what makes the band called arcade fire
so appealing to me. i think it might be because it sounds so warm and inviting. sort of the way nirvana'a unplugged album is one that even relatives can warm up to. i don't know. but i got the impulse to write about this album as i first hear it. i opened up this draft at the start of the album. i'm on track two just this minute. i can safely say it doesn't sound like the other records.
it's the way win butler (the man behind the microphone) takes over the vocal delivery. he's not so much reciting as he is (and i feel i need to italicize this to emphasize something) singing.

perhaps i don't remember how he sings in the other records. i've got a memory thing, you know. i think it's like short term memory loss.
i think that may be due to the fact that ever since i was a little kid i didn't make an effort to pay attention. this method of living is not ideal as it has haunted me for a lifetime (at least up till this point in my lifetime).

track three begins. that last track wasn't too great. wasn't bad. just not too great/
i feel open to this song. it's enjoyable.

y'know what track i didn't like from their last record? No Cars Go.

that song didn't "feel right" as win has just sung into my ears. [not as a gay thing or anything, i'm just referring to the fact that i'm wearing earphones at this present moment]

track four begins. do you think this cover of the arcade fire's sophomore record, "neon bible" looks a bit, i don't know, unclear. like, pix elated a bit or something?

this song has a chorus much like that one in the song i didn't like from that one album with the neon bible on the cover.

strange. suddenly this doesn't quite sound like an arcade fire record anymore. i mean, it sounds like them an awful lot. but much like the way Bush's album (y'know the one; it's got Come Down and that other hit that goes "breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out) has got the singer sounding much like kurt cobain here and there.

thrack five. this one's called Empty Room. this one's got (who i can only imagine could be) Regine something. i don't want to misspell her last name, but i don't want to leave her last-nameless.
i like the songs she sings in. particularly the closer to their first record. man that song takes me someplace. i gotta add that cover right here.

amazing. upon retrieving this record cover (for arcade fire's first full length album, "Funeral") i recalled reading about several bands that have broken up over dead people in their family, and how this band persevered (not heroically, or anything) through till now. surely i'm not the first to learn of this, but it has the thought has just now entered my head through this esoteric rambling. is esoteric the right word? i've got the habit of throwing words around the places they don't belong. you ought to try it, it's fun.

i'm on track seven now. the last song, something about children on the title. i swear i caught i teeny glint of Bono (of devastatingly over-rated pop wieners U2) in the voice of Win Butler through his expression of a chorus. it was only timidly disturbing because it passed in such a small fraction of a second.

and it's funny, because since the start of this track right here (i'm track seven still, remember?) i was thinking to myself that i felt like i was Arcade Fire vicinities once again.

errgh, but this track that started just this minute sounds a wee bit electronic. that's not very fitting to my comfort level (which i thought was set to a warm and comfortable "Arcade Fire" level).this song is called Half Light II. i wonder what Half Light I sounded like. did it slip by already? i don't recall.... .. oh. funnily enough it's the track before this one (track seven).

i wonder how many people will take this analysis seriously. it really shouldn't matter.

shouldn't. matter.

track nine. a track entitled Suburban War. have you ever seen a film called Suburbia. i was just thinking about this film a couple of days ago (i don't know, it just sort of popped into my thought process). it's about a bunch of punk rockers in the eightees. they're all punk rock and squatting someplace i think and they've got the asshole society of the town they're residing in breathing down their necks, but they make do the only way a bunch of squatter(?) punk rockers know how/ and by the time the credits are rolling, you probably get to thinking twice about the tough lives squatter punk rockers are living before you just dismiss 'em as lame-o poseur whatever shits

track ten sounds very much punk rock. like Wire. recalls that song by Cockney Rejects, what was it// // // // // // watch your back i think it's called.

nah, but let's dismiss comparisons like that. how many comparisons to other bands have i made by now?

whatever, this song is whatever it is.
talking about wires... .. ... been watching Tesla documentaries. reminding me that science is a trip.

track eleven begins and it's called Wasted Hours. my eyes feel too warm and the eyelids are getting heavy. wasted hours being stoned and writing about a record as it gets it's first listen from yours truly.

and i am truly yours world. this life of mine is for all of you to gape at. and gape you do. wasted hours gaping at the people all around you. and turning all the sights and sounds into this mold of outspoken opinion to the other molded lives your surrounded by.

i'm reaching the mid way point of track twelve titled deep blue.

distractions underlie this review by this point right here.
it must be said that this record is most certainly the third full-length record by the group who call themselves Arcade Fire. most certainly indeed.

oh. song number thirteen. you snuck up on me right round.

song fourteen has started, it is a slow jam. Sprawl (Flatland). i think this is what i was referring to when i mention Win Butler's manner of reciting his songs (the way i remember he would in Arcade Fire's last two records); the way he expels his words, i mean.

ah, and it appears this song also has a sequel. only the subtitle of this track is (Mountains Beyond Mountains) and Regine has take over the vocal duties. nice.

RĂ©gine Chassagne. ha, that is her full name. she deserves full recognition for this song. it's melodious. and the electronic sound is back, but it does recall their sound, so no discrimination. of course it does (and i can't retain these comparisons, they come at my mind like jelly to the floor) vaguely (and i'm afraid to throw this out there) (i hesitate twice more)hail the first Bravery record/ there, it's said.

and at an apt time indeed for song sixteen starts to quietly approach my ears through the cable leading from the headphone jack. and it fades as the auto-save notifies me that a draft has been saved at precisely 4:09 AM.

all i hear now is the typing of these letters and the hum of the fan in my CPU.


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