Monday, June 7, 2010


my return feels a tad overwhelming. i'm not ecstatic, but i can sense it coming.

wonderful comic performer (best known to piss off dave navarro with his hard hitting questions) Richard Dunn will be missed by me. in tribute i will build a screen for a t-shirt print in his honor. if you would like a piece of this action, you know where to go/

a lot of cars pulling in/since i've been working here i feel much less useful than before.

this space feels open and wide.

philosophizing is a word i only half understand, like most things.

accordion accompanied music really isn't that bad anymore.  and i'm now accustomed to having repeated listens to the same 12 - 15 songs in different order. my father's theory on shitty radio stations proven correct once again.

i haven't seen the man in years... i am going to meet with him in person soon. the last thing i told him (over the phone) was that i hated him. i wonder how this will go. it can't be too bad....

i just realised i haven't any mode to get around efficiently. yes i do, i've got a bike.

that should do the trick....

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