Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hot rats.

Frank Zappa is best known for his ultra crazy guitar playing, but mostly to those who are deep into music and guitar players who read the likes of guitar world magazine and such or whutever.
i'm not going to break into a rant about whut "the kids" are into these days/the point is, i've noticed this album's been underappreciated.
i mean, yeah the clarinets and flutes are kind outdated, but considering people still jam out to old pink floyd and latter beatles (both of which, last time i checked, are also pretty outdated), this should fit right into the greatest albums of all time....albeit, at around number forty-somethin'....
still though, the guitar work on this album must be heard by every rock fan out there. the saxomaphone solo rivals (depending on the listener, maybe even surpasses) the badassness of the sax solo in pink floyd's money.
with the only vocals spat out by oddman Captain Beefheart in the track "Willie the Pimp" (see below), this album also makes a great soundtrack to yer walk to school. of course, yer school would have to be about two miles away in order to fully grasp the long tracks ("The Gumbo Variations" clocks at around 15 minutes+), but shit, man. yer lookin' tubby anyway, you could use the exercise.
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i bet jesus would listen to this album on his ipod on his way to.... uhh, where wuz he crucified again? idonno, the gallows.

"willie the pimp"


gata said...

well my first comment dissaperated. i'm sorry. this one just wont be the same :sigh: it went along the lines of you being awesome. :sigh:...

gata said...

fucking zapateers, mang. that video was fu. we gotta do shrooms and oreo mint cookies. ...and sex, maybe. :)