Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great job

just finished sounds sexy 2. sry fer the delay.the other day i was thinking about whut i wanna do. you know, in the future. i mean, not distant future as in 10 years from now or whutever. no, i mean more like come january. i read in a book about making yer own film that i can call them or e-mail them or something for film experience. they'll throw you in there. give you something to do. i think it's in jersey or something. i'm in los angeles.

see, i've been wanting to git away for a while. you know. leave everything behind, see whut i find. i was thinking i'd be gone for like 2 months or something. maybe i'd bike it to portland where they've got the whole zine scene goin' there. that's be fuckin' awesome. i thought about goin' with somebody else. but then i figured it'd go against the whole idea of "leaving everything behind."

idunno whut i'm gonna do yet, i just know i's gots to git outta here for a bit. my head hurts all the time. it's annoying.

i'll figure something out.

i'mma take a film-making class, a percussion class, and a class on broadcasting. i'm fucking overwhelmed.

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gata said...

hey kitten, i don't remember you drawing this one? so i think i lost one of my earrings :( do you think it's in yer room? i hope so. i kept forgetting to put them on and i restretched them last nite and this morning i had nasty yellow crust around my earhole >.< ugh and i suck at this whole technology thing. i belong in the caveman/woman years :(